Tue. May 21st, 2024

Tensions have risen within the Muslim community in Nigeria following the circulation of an Arabic version of the daily devotional prayers titled ‘The Truth’ by the Christ Embassy Church, sparking concerns over alleged attempts to penetrate Muslim households.

The controversy surfaced when a Muslim woman shared a video online, revealing the Arabic content of ‘The Truth’ received from the Christ Embassy Church.

This development has raised alarm bells within Islamic circles, with some expressing fears of a deliberate effort to influence Muslim beliefs.

In response to this perceived intrusion, an Islamic scholar strongly condemned the distribution of the Arabic devotional, denouncing it as a conspiracy against Islam and its followers.

The scholar urged Muslims to remain vigilant and resist what they perceive as a threat to their faith.

Watch the viral video here.

“This is nothing except a conspiracy against Islam and its adherents. Muslims must awaken from their slumber while their adversaries are actively seeking to undermine our religion. May Almighty Allah expose their hidden agenda and elevate Islam above their machinations,” remarked the Islamic scholar, reflecting growing concerns within the Muslim community.

In light of these developments, Muslim parents have been urged to educate and sensitise their children to the potential influence of such initiatives by the Christ Embassy Church.

The call to action highlights concerns over attempts to attract young Muslims through religious literature.

The Christ Embassy Church has not publicly responded to the controversy surrounding the Arabic devotional prayers. However, the incident underscores the delicate balance between religious outreach and respecting the beliefs and sensitivities of different communities.

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