Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah, convened with his French counterpart, Rachida Dati, in Riyadh on Monday. The meeting, aimed at bolstering cultural ties between the two nations, underscored the growing importance of cultural exchange in international relations.

Prince Badr lauded the robust cultural relations existing between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and France, emphasizing the notable advancements witnessed in recent times. He reiterated the Saudi leadership’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and expanding bilateral cultural relations with France, emphasizing the strategic significance of such collaborations.

Central to the discussions were strategies to further enhance cooperation and facilitate international cultural exchange across various cultural domains. The ministers deliberated on a wide array of fields including museums, theater and performing arts, culinary arts, films, heritage, libraries, visual arts, music, fashion, architecture, and design. Emphasis was placed on the need to intensify cultural exchange initiatives involving stakeholders from both nations.

The meeting served as a platform for exploring avenues to deepen collaboration in cultural endeavors between Saudi Arabia and France. Attended by key figures including Deputy Minister of Culture, Hamid Fayez, Assistant Minister of Culture, Rakan Al-Touq, and Deputy Minister of Culture for International Cultural Relations, Eng. Fahd Al-Kanaan, the gathering reflected the mutual commitment of both nations to fostering cultural understanding and appreciation.

Both ministers expressed optimism regarding the prospects of further cooperation, acknowledging the potential for mutual benefit and enrichment through cultural exchange initiatives. The discussions laid the groundwork for future collaborations aimed at promoting cross-cultural dialogue, creativity, and innovation between Saudi Arabia and France.

As the meeting concluded, it underscored the shared vision of Saudi Arabia and France in leveraging cultural diplomacy as a means to strengthen bilateral relations and promote mutual understanding and respect on the global stage. The commitment to enhancing cultural cooperation stands as a testament to the enduring friendship between the two nations, poised to foster greater cultural exchange and collaboration in the years ahead.

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