Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Intense clashes erupted between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on multiple fronts in Khartoum on Monday, coinciding with the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan. Despite a recent resolution by the United Nations Security Council urging both factions to halt hostilities during this sacred period, violence escalated in the capital.

A spokesperson for the military announced through the army’s official Facebook page that the army’s special action forces engaged the RSF in Al-Kadro suburb, situated north of Khartoum Bahri. The statement highlighted the destruction of seven RSF combat vehicles, two fuel trucks, and the seizure of Dushka heavy machine guns, motorcycles, and fuel supplies from the opposing faction.

Social media posts affiliated with the military showcased images of the operation, depicting soldiers securing positions near Shambat Bridge, east of Omdurman. This indicates a potential maneuver to encircle RSF forces stationed near the radio and television buildings overlooking the Nile River. The strategically significant Shambat Bridge, linking Khartoum Bahri and Omdurman, endured partial destruction last October amid the ongoing conflict.

Additional reports confirm heavy artillery bombardments launched by the army from Omdurman, targeting RSF positions in the Al-Nahda neighborhood, the Sports City, and nearby campgrounds. Local sources corroborated these explosions, underscoring the intensity of the clashes unfolding within the capital.

These recent developments unfold within the backdrop of a prolonged conflict that commenced in April 2023 between the Sudanese army and the RSF. Initially confined to Khartoum, the conflict has since expanded to encompass several states across the western, central, and southern regions of Sudan, exacerbating tensions and instability in the nation.

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