Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Iraq’s National Investment Commission (NIC) Chairman, Haider Makiya, announced on Thursday that the country is set to commence accepting bids on Monday for the long-awaited project to construct Baghdad’s inaugural elevated metro system.

According to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), Makiya disclosed that bids for a railway endeavor linking Najaf and Karbala in central Iraq will also open on Monday, as part of the nation’s broader infrastructure development plans.

Asserting the government’s commitment to fostering investment opportunities, Makiya emphasized that both the Baghdad Metro and the Najaf-Karbala railway projects will be open for investment, with further significant initiatives slated for announcement later this year.

International corporations eyeing involvement in the $2.5 billion Baghdad Metro venture are invited to submit bids through the NIC’s official website, as outlined by the NIC chairman.

During a ceremony inaugurating the investment prospects for the Baghdad Metro, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani underscored the project’s significance in revolutionizing the capital’s transportation landscape, particularly in light of its burgeoning population, which exceeds eight million.

Al-Sudani elaborated that the Baghdad Metro, spanning 148 kilometers with seven lines, will traverse the capital and extend to newly developed communities, aiming to alleviate the persistent traffic congestion that plagues the city.

The commencement of bidding for the Baghdad Metro marks a pivotal moment in Iraq’s efforts to modernize its infrastructure and enhance connectivity, signaling a step forward in addressing longstanding transportation challenges in the capital.

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