Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

A man by the name Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-Al-nouri, 42, has been arrested and taken into custody in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona.

Al-nouri, who was arrested on Thursday, following the warrant issued by an Iraqi judge to the Justice department in the state, was accused of killing two Iraqi police officers in 2006 while he was acting as the leader of an Al-Qaeda group in Fallujah, an Iraqi city.

In a statement by the U.S Attorney’s Office District of Arszona it was said that, “Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-nour, was declared wanted in Iraq on charges of premeditated murder of the Iraqi police officers in 2006”.

Iraqi government said Al-nouri was the leader of an Alqaeda group that targeted Iraqi police, although the U.S Attorney’s Office District of Arszona had regarded this complaint as “allegations that had yet to be proven in court”.

The Iraqi government has issued an extradition request to the U.S Justice Department which has to be certified by the U.S court and the U.S Secretary of States would then decide whether or not to surrender Al-nour to Iraqi government.

Al-nouri, however appeared before the federal magistrate judge on Friday in Phoenix regarding the proceedings to extradite him to Iraq.

“He appeared before a federal magistrate judge in Phoenix on Friday in connection with the proceedings to extradite him to Iraq,” the statement reads.


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