Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

By Fatima Balde

Assalamualkum. My name is Fatima Balde. I am 12yrs. old. Now before I get started I will just like to say that today in the Muslim society a lot of people like to hear about Islam. So today I will just like to combine it with my favorite subject. My subject is on Medicine and Health.

My topic is on Islam and Health. Today in the Muslim world many people are doing a lot of things to hurt their bodies and souls. They smoke, drink, take illegal medication, and most of all disobey Allah swt words. When they do these haram things they don’t understand the fact that they’re hurting themselves. They’re hurting Allah’s set of human bodies to worship him. The fact is, today in the Muslim world there are 37% of people that smoke and drink and use illegal medication/drugs.

Why is there nobody stopping these people? Why aren’t we, human beings, stopping our fellow brothers and sisters from doing this? When you smoke, you may suffer from lung disease and or heart disease. When you start to suffer from any symptoms to stop your prayer, you can probably only pray while sitting on a chair or praying with your eyes. The question still rises to this point: why you hurt your body and souls. God gave us bodies and souls. He gave us our body in order to work, take care of our families, fast in the month of Ramadan, worship him, take the hajj, to do the five pillars of Islam and more.

And the response of smokers and drinker and recreational drug users will say because it feels good. And I will ask the next question. Will you rather feel good or would you rather be a believer and follower of our lord? The answer still stays anonymous between you and Allah swt. Fact, almost 25% of these people in the Muslim society have children. Would you want your child to be a smoker, drinker, or a recreational drug user? Well if the answer is no, then why do you do it then?

First of all if you are a smoker and you smoke next to them all the time, they will end up having second-hand smoking. Even if the cigarette is not in the child’s mouth, he/she will still inhales all of that tobacco, toilet bowl cleaners, carbon monoxide and more very poisonous and dangerous things that are inside a cigarette. The fact is that 96% of parents in the world want their child to be safe and if you smoke next to them, then you not doing anyone a favor by letting them inhale that toilet bowl cleaner wrapped around a piece of paper. And when I say 96% of the parents care about the child safety, why isn’t it 100%? They say what most of them are on recreational drugs, some are being abused by others on the street, some are prostitutes, and 10% of them are dead, and the rest are in foster homes with guardians that don’t even love them and show them and support or courage. But as I said before, the answer still stays anonymous between you and Allah. Now let’s say that if you drink alcoholic beverages and if you come home to your family, would you want your family to see you drunk, and just to say I am talking in general here. It can be you or your mom or your dad. And if your child sees you drunk, what will that say about who are you?  Then if you do come home then that means that you are a bad parent or guardian and you are irresponsible and very irrelevant. So I must make my report short for others so thank you and Assalamualakum.


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