Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

By Fatima Balde

Assalamualkum. Good Afternoon. My name is Fatima Balde. My subject is Medicine and Health. The topic is on a medicine called PEGASYS (peginterforon alfa-2a) and Ribovirin, a treatment for hepatitis c.

Pegasys is a medicine  that help fights against Hepatitis C. What is Hepatitis C? Hepatitis C is one of the many types of hepatitis caused by a virus that infects the liver. In this medicine there is a certain kind of chemical called peginterforon alfa-2a. This is a chemical that has been created by man made proteins, but what are some of the chemical substances that make up this chemical. It is synthesized by the attachment of a fancy chemical called branched polythylene glycol polymer so it can be interferon alfa-2a. That is why in the name of peginterforon includes interferon and polythylene glycol polymer and PEG for short. So when you put these words together you get peginterforon. This medicine is used for injection.

When injecting Pegasys you must first let it be kept in the refrigerator at 36 F-46 F, but never frozen. Do not use past expiration date. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after injection process. Use alcohol swabs to clean the injection site. Take Pegasys at the same time every week. Plus one good thing about this injection is that you get to pick the day of the week that you can inject so if you inject the first week on a Tuesday next week you inject it on Tuesday again. Next thing I want to talk about is Ribovirin. Ribovirin is another medicine plus chemical that is used treat Hepatitis C.

Ribavirin is often but most likely prescribed along with your interferons. In clinical trials, Ribavirin has been proven to help PEGASYS stop the Hepatitis C from multiplying, while helping to get rid of infected cells and preventing healthy cells from being infected. The difference between peginterferon and ribavirin is that peginterferon is a syringe needle that you inject on the box section of your stomach or the right side of your thigh. But when you are injecting this syringe be aware of any sighting of veins, because it is very dangerous injecting this chemical into it.

With Ribivirin it is a pill that you swallow through your mouth. When you take this pill you drink approximately 12oz of water. When you take these prescriptions, you should be aware of serious and deadly side effects. Side effects may include worsen fatal or life threatening mental, immune system, heart and infectious disorders, birth defects for born and unborn babies and or death of an unborn baby and flu-like symptoms. If you suffer from any of these symptoms please contact your doctor and find out if it may cause life threatening sacrifices.

Ribavirin can be harmful to a person’s DNA or cause it to mutate, and was almost also to be considered a potential cancer-producing substance. When taking this medicine you may suffer from anemia.

After every one week when taking this medicine you must go to the hospital or clinic and must be the same place where they prescribed you with this medicine, go take a blood test to see if you are suffering from anemia. So they can treat it and get the white blood cells before they run out.

Thank you for letting me share my report on Pegasys treatment for hepatitis c. Have a good evening and Assalamualakum.


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