Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Saudi Arabia launched the Arabic Intelligence Center by employing artificial intelligence techniques in Riyadh on Monday.

This international center is the first artificial intelligence center specialized in the automatic processing of the Arabic language. The King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language is operating the center, the first of its kind in the Kingdom to serve the Arabic language, at its headquarters in Riyadh.

The automated center provides a set of technical and linguistic services and consultations in the field of processing the Arabic language using artificial intelligence to compete with the rest of the world’s languages in computer systems and applications.

The center will provide its services to all those interested in the Arabic language at the local and international levels and encourages support for the production of high-impact and quality research and innovations in the fields of language computing and development. It develops effective applications in the automated processing of the Arabic language, and provides the necessary data system to employ AI mechanisms to serve the Arabic language, and harness a group of specialized laboratories.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Washmi, secretary general of the academy, said that the Arabic Intelligence Center is the first artificial intelligence center specialized in the automatic processing of the Arabic language, which contributes to enriching the Arabic content in the fields of data and artificial intelligence, and supporting research, applications, and capabilities related to the fields of artificial intelligence, the Arabic language, and its development. The center’s success relies on its strategic goal of advancing Arabic language innovation, and integrating AI technology for local and international use, he said.

The center will be a qualitative contribution to achieving the goals of the National Strategy for Data and Artificial Intelligence, in accordance with the outcomes of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to achieve global leadership in this field. The vision of the center is based on pioneering the Arabic language by employing artificial intelligence, while its mission revolves around providing integrated services to enable beneficiaries to employ AI technologies to enhance the leadership of the Arabic language locally and globally.

The Arabic Intelligence Center consists of five main laboratories, which are responsible for implementing the tasks and objectives of the center. These are the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which focuses on developing technical research for the Arabic language and process it to reach high computing levels. Secondly, the Data Formatting Laboratory, which specializes in collecting written, audio, or visual Arabic data, labeling, processing, photographing, and ensuring its quality.

Thirdly, the Audio and Visual Laboratory, which records, processes, stores, and classifies audio and visual data. The fourth one is the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Laboratory to develop Arabic software using virtual and augmented reality. The fifth one is the Researchers Laboratory, which is designated for researchers in all of the above specializations when they need office space to conduct their research on Arabic computing.

The center provides a number of services including technical and linguistic consultations in the field of processing the Arabic language by employing artificial intelligence, holding meetings and courses specialized in this field, in addition to providing paid licenses to researchers, supporting studies that intersect with its objectives, and contributing to the labeling of data for joint research. The center also seeks to achieve a number of pivotal goals related to the field of linguistic computing at the King Salman academy.

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