Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi disclosed projections for the issuance of more than 59,000 seasonal visas across various professions in the year 2024. Addressing a gathering of businessmen at the Makkah Chamber of Commerce headquarters on Monday, the minister emphasized the strategic utilization of Saudi human resources in seasonal endeavors. He highlighted the significance of empowering Saudi youth in professions that actively contribute to their skill development and overall advancement.

Al-Rajhi underscored the supportive role of seasonal visas in streamlining the operations of companies, particularly during peak seasons such as Hajj and Umrah. Stressing adherence to designated roles, he emphasized the necessity of ensuring visa holders engage solely in their specified duties, with explicit prohibitions on participating in Hajj activities. This directive aims to optimize the utilization of labor resources while maintaining focus on the intended tasks.

In a collaborative effort to address pertinent challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities, Al-Rajhi announced the establishment of a joint working team comprising representatives from his ministry and the Makkah Chamber. This team is tasked with exploring avenues to enhance efficiency, particularly in light of the upcoming Hajj and Umrah season, and to propose actionable recommendations for consideration.

During an interactive session with businessmen, Al-Rajhi celebrated notable strides in Saudi Arabia’s private sector employment landscape. He revealed a marked increase in Saudi participation, with private sector employment figures rising from 1.7 million to 2.3 million. Notably, the minister highlighted a significant surge in female workforce participation, surpassing the Vision 2030 target of 30% to reach 35.3%. This achievement underscores the growing effectiveness of Saudi women in the labor market, with commendation extended to the private sector for its role in fostering development and supporting labor market initiatives.

Eng. Mustafa Rajab, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Makkah Chamber, commended the chamber’s proactive efforts in advancing economic prosperity and societal well-being. Reflecting on the chamber’s alignment with Vision 2030 objectives, Rajab emphasized their commitment to facilitating trade and commerce in Makkah. Noteworthy initiatives include the Manafea concept, which unites chambers across key cities to serve as a nexus for Muslim trade. Rajab also highlighted the successful inaugural edition of the Makkah Halal Forum, a testament to the chamber’s dedication to fostering economic growth and innovation in the region.

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