Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

A recent report by the Sudanese Emergency Lawyers Initiative (ELI) has shed light on the alarming human rights abuses taking place in Al Jazirah State since the conflict erupted in April 2023. The ELI’s findings reveal a harrowing reality, with 248 civilian deaths and 347 injuries attributed to the actions of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The ELI, a dedicated legal entity focusing on human rights monitoring, meticulously documented instances of extrajudicial killings and indiscriminate attacks on civilian gatherings. Shockingly, all recorded incidents targeted innocent civilians in areas devoid of any military presence.

The report paints a grim picture of violence pervading the state, highlighting the RSF’s control over various areas in the Al-Kamilin locality near Khartoum at the conflict’s onset. Furthermore, it delves into the atrocities committed following the RSF’s capture of the state capital, Wad Madani, in December 2023, and its subsequent expansion towards South Sennar State.

According to the ELI’s report, the RSF stands accountable for violations in 156 locations, while the Sudanese Air Force’s bombings have struck 36 areas. The dire situation has triggered a mass displacement crisis, with hundreds of thousands fleeing to neighboring states like Sennar, White Nile, and other regions to escape the escalating violence.

The ELI’s report also highlights targeted violence aimed at forcibly displacing residents, as evidenced by incidents in Sharif Mukhtar village (South Al-Jazirah) and Tanub village. These events have led to widespread displacement and suffering among the local population, with numerous other villages experiencing similar atrocities.

The ELI’s comprehensive report underscores the pervasive abuses suffered by civilians in Al Jazirah State. Since the conflict’s inception in April 2023, the RSF’s actions have inflicted violence and terror in over 156 locations, including extrajudicial killings, indiscriminate shootings in civilian areas, and the unlawful seizure of control in regions devoid of military presence.

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