Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

In a bid to expand its regional connectivity, low-cost carrier Air Arabia, headquartered in Sharjah, UAE, has unveiled plans to introduce direct flights to Basra, Iraq, starting from June 3rd. This new service marks Air Arabia’s fourth destination in Iraq, alongside Baghdad, Erbil, and Najaf.

The decision to launch direct flights between Sharjah International Airport and Basra International Airport underscores Air Arabia’s strategic commitment to offering affordable and convenient travel options to passengers across the region. Adel Al Ali, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Arabia, emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating, “With the launch of our new route to Basra, Iraq, we continue to broaden our reach across the region, reaffirming our commitment to offering affordable and accessible travel options to our passengers.”

Echoing Al Ali’s sentiments, the airline aims to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers, making it smoother and more enjoyable. Al Ali reiterated, “The announcement of Air Arabia’s new route to Iraq reinforces our commitment to providing travelers with a smooth and enjoyable journey to more enticing destinations.”

The commencement of the new service will see three weekly direct flights between Sharjah and Basra, facilitating increased connectivity and convenience for travelers seeking access to the southern Iraqi city. This move also reflects Air Arabia’s proactive approach in identifying and tapping into emerging travel markets within the region.

Passengers interested in booking flights from Sharjah to Basra can now avail themselves of various booking channels, including the Air Arabia website, the airline’s call center, or through authorized travel agents. This multi-channel booking approach ensures flexibility and ease of access for travelers, further enhancing the accessibility of Air Arabia’s services.

As Air Arabia prepares to inaugurate its new route to Basra, the airline remains committed to delivering value-driven travel solutions while continuously expanding its network to cater to evolving passenger demands and preferences. The introduction of direct flights to Basra represents a significant milestone in Air Arabia’s growth trajectory, positioning the carrier as a key player in the regional aviation landscape.

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