Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The Iraqi Ministry of Transport unveiled plans on Wednesday to introduce a mobile phone application for electronic ticket booking, marking a significant step towards modernizing the country’s transportation sector.

According to a report by Shafaq News, Ahmed Khalaf, the Director General of the Transport Ministry’s Administrative and Financial Department, disclosed that discussions have been held with various stakeholders, including Iraqi Airways, to collaborate on the development of a mobile application for booking train and airline tickets.

Khalaf revealed that half of the development process for the mobile application has already been completed, indicating substantial progress in the initiative.

Moreover, discussions encompassed aspects such as money transfers and payment methods for the mobile application. Further meetings are planned to expedite the development process, aiming to make the app’s services accessible to the public in the near future.

Iraqi Airways, in anticipation of an upsurge in international business and leisure travel to and from the country, is concurrently expanding and modernizing its fleet. Presently, the airline operates flights to over 50 destinations.

In a related development, Imad Al-Asadi, the President of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA), convened with a delegation from the European Union (EU) at Baghdad International Airport in July. The meeting focused on exploring collaboration opportunities and coordinating efforts to enhance the civil aviation sector in Iraq.

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