Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The Board of Directors of the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) has officially announced the commencement of construction work on Al-Urubah Park, a significant development within the city of Riyadh, as part of the ambitious ‘Green Riyadh’ program.

Spanning an extensive area of 754,000 square meters, the project aims to enrich the urban landscape by planting over 600,000 trees and shrubs, effectively covering 65 percent of the park’s expanse. Positioned strategically at the juncture of Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Al-Awwal Road and Al-Urubah Road, the park’s location ensures convenient accessibility for residents across various sectors of the city.

In a press statement, the commission emphasized the park’s pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for inhabitants and visitors alike, providing recreational spaces, and positioning Riyadh as a paragon of sustainability on a global scale.

The park’s distinctive design, adhering to international standards, was meticulously selected from a pool of submissions by six international contenders. This design seamlessly integrates nature with technology, offering visitors an immersive experience through augmented reality while affording panoramic views of the city’s iconic landmarks along a three-kilometer path soaring 12 meters high.

Central to the park’s design are its utilization of permanent water features, including the Laysen Valley, and a 14-kilometer pedestrian trail, complemented by verdant terraces, open-air theaters, and sports amenities catering to diverse age demographics.

Under the Green Riyadh Program, efforts extend beyond the park’s boundaries, encompassing initiatives such as neighborhood gardens, tree-lined streets, wooden walkways, and afforestation projects in mosques, schools, parking lots, and public buildings. This comprehensive approach aims to cultivate a greener urban environment, with a focus on enhancing air quality, mitigating pollution, and fostering a more sustainable ecosystem.

Aligned with the objectives of the Green Saudi Initiative and Vision 2030, the ‘Green Riyadh’ program underscores the Kingdom’s commitment to environmental stewardship by pledging to plant 7.5 million trees in Riyadh alone, significantly increasing green space per capita and positioning the city as a beacon of livability and environmental consciousness on the global stage.

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