Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Iraqi Airways, the national carrier of Iraq, has officially announced the suspension of flights between Baghdad and Moscow until further notice. The decision comes as a result of operational challenges faced by the airline in collaboration with the Russian authorities.

In a press release issued on Thursday, Iraqi Airways notified travelers of the cessation of scheduled flights on the route starting from February 3, 2024. The airline expressed regret over the inconvenience caused and emphasized that the suspension is a direct consequence of operational issues with the Russian side.

Passengers who had previously booked flights to Moscow are urged to visit Iraqi Airways’ offices in Baghdad to process refunds for their tickets. This abrupt suspension marks a significant turn of events, considering that Iraqi Airways had only recently, in September of the previous year, announced the resumption of direct flights between the Iraqi capital and Moscow.

Iraqi Airways, which presently operates flights to over 50 destinations from Baghdad, has been actively expanding its fleet to meet the rising demand for international travel to and from the country. Last year, the airline entered into an agreement with Boeing for the purchase of 26 passenger aircraft, with ten of them being the coveted 787 Dreamliners.

Officials in the Iraqi aviation sector had previously lauded this strategic move, citing its potential to facilitate flights to new destinations globally. The acquisition of modern aircraft was anticipated to position Iraq as a key player in the international aviation arena, covering an extensive range of routes.

However, with the recent suspension of Baghdad-Moscow flights, questions arise about the impact on Iraqi Airways’ expansion plans and its ability to fulfill the anticipated surge in international business and leisure travel. The airline, in its statement, did not provide specific details regarding the nature of the operational issues faced with the Russian side, leaving room for speculation on the future of this air route.

As both Iraqi and Russian authorities navigate these operational challenges, travelers and industry observers await further developments on the resumption of flights between Baghdad and Moscow. Iraqi Airways assures its commitment to resolving the issues and resuming operations on this crucial international route, but the timeline for such resumption remains uncertain at this point.

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