Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The average life expectancy in Saudi Arabia has surged to 77.6 years, a notable increase from 74 years in 2016, as unveiled in the latest report by the Health Sector Transformation Program. This milestone is attributed to the country’s unwavering commitment to health promotion, reflected in comprehensive policies addressing various facets of public life.

The report underscores the pivotal role of Vision 2030 programs, particularly the Health Sector Transformation Program, in driving this positive change. The implementation of policies promoting a healthier lifestyle, such as advocating walking, reducing salt in foods, and disclosing calorie information, has played a crucial role in augmenting public health.

Throughout 2023, Saudi Arabia witnessed significant milestones, including the establishment of the National Institute for Health Research and the successful launch of health clusters, ushering in a transformative era. The National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services (Nphies) has emerged as a key player, providing a unified repository of accurate and secure data based on the Value-Based Healthcare model, benefiting both individuals and society at large.

The report highlights the remarkable impact of initiatives like the Shifa platform, with over 7,233 cases benefiting, marking a three percent increase from the previous year. The Saudi Center for Medical Appointments and Referrals facilitated over 300,000 successful internal and external referrals, showcasing the efficiency of the healthcare system.

Emphasizing a proactive approach, the report outlines the success of preventative measures, with over five million individuals undergoing exploratory obesity screening, resulting in the early detection of more than a million cases. Diabetes screening reached over one million people, leading to the early identification of approximately 11,000 cases. Furthermore, 160,000 women underwent early breast cancer screening, resulting in the detection of 654 cases in their initial stages, paving the way for timely intervention and treatment.

Saudi Arabia’s commitment to prioritizing health, coupled with strategic initiatives, has not only elevated life expectancy but has also positioned the nation as a beacon of progress in the global healthcare landscape.

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