Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Iran has dismissed the recently signed US-Taliban peace deal.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, disclosed this on Sunday 1st March, 2020. He stated that the United State had no legal right to sign a peace agreement with Afghanistan. He added that it was an attempt to decide the country’s future.

“The United States has no legal right to sign a peace agreement or to decide the future of Afghanistan,” he said.

“Lasting peace deal could only be achieved through inter-Afghan dialogue with the participation of all political groups, including the Taliban, and taking into account the considerations of neighbouring countries,” he added.

Iran has said that conditional withdrawal of the US troops in Afganistan is a move by the US to justify its troop presence in the country conclding that their continued presence is “illegal” and that it is one of the major causes of insecurity in the country.

Calling for the withdrawal of the US troop in the country, Iran says that US presence in the country is “illegal and is one of the main causes of the war and insecurity in Afhganistan.

Iran further expresses deep concern for the Afghanistan saying that it welcomes any move that could help bring peace and stability in the country establishing the fact that peace and stability is only possible when domestic talks and interests of Afghanistan are duly considered.


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