Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary General, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, has launched the initiatives of youth protection from extremist, violent ideas and implementation mechanisms.

Al-Issa launched the initiatives during an international conference organized at the UN headquarters in Geneva.

He stated the initiatives aimed at protecting the youth from violent and extremist ideologies or those inciting violence, and he shed light on the responsibility of educational institutions in this context.

“This would be achieved through the establishment of school curricula with interactive activities that focus on discussing the differences, diversity and pluralism in our world,” he said.

“It is also aimed at reaffirming that religious, ethnic and ideological clashes are a danger to world peace,” he added.

Al-Issa stressed the need to filter speeches targeting the youth from all that incites conflicts, hatred, racism and enmity.

He insisted that the youth needed to be taught the principle of human equality and understanding.

He added that they proper tutoring on how to respect natural differences and diversity as an important foundation for countries and societies’ peace and harmony is essential.

He also noted that it is important to spread tolerance and reject the disadvantages of hate, racism and marginalization.

“It is important to ban the exportation or importation of fatwas and religious ideas, for the religious awareness is flexible, and takes into consideration the changes of fatwas and religious sermons in line with the time, place and circumstances,” he noted.

He further affirmed that extremism is not acceptable in any circumstance.

Egypt’s Minister of Endowments, Dr. Mohammed Mokhtar Jomaa, stressed during the conference that terrorism has become more dangerous than today’s diseases. He noted that it has become easier to spread than any virus.

“Individuals, countries and organizations must all work together on a purely humanitarian ground. There is no development, prosperity, advancement or economy without security. And there will be no security with terrorism and no terrorism eradication without protecting the youth from extremism,” he said.

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