Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

A US congressman, Rep. Josh Gottheimer, has endorsed Bloomberg for president in the November presidential election.

Josh, who was elected into the congress in 2016, stated that a more experienced person is needed in the White House.

“Imagine if Democrats lose not only the White House, but also the House of Representatives, allowing a government completely controlled by Republicans ready to wreak even more partisan havoc on states like mine,” he said

“That’s why I’m endorsing Mike Bloomberg for president. We need an experienced, proven leader who has big ideas, will fight to get things done, and knows how to work with — and win votes from — Democrats, Republicans and independents. Not only that, we need a candidate at the top of the ticket who can win the White House and ensure we retain control of the House. That candidate is Mike,” he added.

Posh explained that Trump is a wrong candidate with unrealistic policies and unworkable ideas.

He stressed that Trump only appears as an entrepreneur and a mayor, but Mike is a proven problem solver.

In addition, Posh confirmed that Mike became an Eagle Scout at the age of 12. Definitely, he understood at an early age that one gets things done only by working together.

“That approach helped him build one of the most successful businesses in America from scratch and drove his governing model in City Hall.

“While Mike isn’t afraid to speak his mind, he knows that it’s difficult to make lasting progress with scorched-earth tweets, nasty personal attacks or an all-or-nothing extremist approach to governing.

“It’s about building bridges, uniting people and finding common ground,” he continued.

The congressman also disclosed that Mike Bloomberg could be the candidate Democrats have been looking for.

“I saw this firsthand, when I worked with Mike to bring new emergency alert systems to New York City. I saw it again when he and I collaborated with tech leaders to drive innovation in America’s cities; and then when he visited the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of nearly 50 members of Congress, half Democrat and half Republican.

“Second, Mike doesn’t just have smart, pragmatic ideas that appeal to all sides; he actually has a proven track record of getting things done. He is a job creator. After getting laid off, he launched his own company in 1981, which now employs nearly 20,000 employees.

“As the mayor of a city with a population greater than the majority of states in the US, he helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs, expanded health insurance to 700,000 people, stood by first responders after 9/11, ushered in school reforms and focused on clear air and water.

“Even after leaving office, he has continued that fight, working with elected officials and businesses around the country on challenges ranging from health care costs to climate change to our struggling veterans. His vision for the White House and our country is equally ambitious,” he concluded.

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