Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The African multi billionaire group, Dangote Group, has invested about N63 billion in the South Eastern motor manufacturing company (ANAMMCO).

The investment began in 2016 with an agreement with Transit Support Services (TSS), a subsidiary of ABC Transport PLC.

Dangote Group has ordered more than 3,500 trucks from the motor manufacturing company, with an initial order of 350 trucks.

The company delivered the order over a period of five years and each truck cost nothing less than N18 million.

Chairman of TSS, Mr. Frank Nneji, disclosed this at the weekend after a tour of the expansive ANAMMCO plant.

He noted that Dangote Group’s magnanimity and commitment to empowering local manufacturers have made the plant gain its continuous functionality.

“Dangote’s patronage has revived ANAMMC. It has also helped in identifying a plant that has capacity in the south-east, Enugu. It equally gives us the opportunity to produce trucks locally instead of importing them,” he said.

“And of course you know what it does for us here in the Southeast. For more than seven years this plant was nonexistent, ” he added.

He noted, however that there was no activity until the agreement with Shacman Group.

He stressed that the production of truck has also brought back Onne Port in Rivers State which has handled over 3,000 containers since ANNAMCO came back to existence.

The General Manager of Dangote Group, Mr. Sunday Ẹsan said the group was satisfied with the trucks from Onne Ports.

According to him, the massive investment in the south east is contrary to the assumption that Alhaji Aliko Dangote is not patronizing local manufacturers.

“This is why we agreed we should come out and see how ANAMMCO plant has come alive,” he concluded.

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