Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have ordered the arrest of a female rapper for appearing in a music video.

The authorities asserted that the rapper’s song, Bint Mecca, or Girl from Mecca, negated the customs and traditions of the holy city.

In the video, a Saudi rapper, Ayasel Slay, rapped that she is from the holiest site in Islam, the Kaaba.

Ayasel uploaded the video to her YouTube channel. Although she has removed it, it featured her rapping in a cafe with a group of smiling children as her backup dancers.

“A Mecca girl is all you need. Don’t upset her, she will hurt you,” sang Ayasel.

She decribed how a woman from Mecca exceeded all other Saudi women in beauty and strength.

“With her, you can complete the Sunna. Your life with her will become Paradise,” she asserted in the video.

On Thursday, Mecca regional authorities said that the governor had ordered the prosecution of Ayasel. He also ordered the arrest of the video production team.

Prince Khalid bin Faisal of Mecca has ordered the arrest of the rapper. In addition, it contradicts the identity and traditions of its esteemed population.

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