Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela, the grandson of South African anti-aparthied revolutionary leader, Nelson Mandela, has rejected “partisan peace plan” of the US President, Donald Trump, to resolve the longstanding conflict between the states of Isreal and Palestine.

Reacting to Trump’s deal on Wednesday 29th January, 2020, Mandla Mandela, a member of South African Parliament, stated that, “We reject the partisan peace plan for the Middle East proffered by Trump and Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Considering the nature of the deal which mandela referred to as outright “violation of international law of self determination”, he maintained that the deal was a blatant show of “arrogance” which puts the “aparthied Israel” to a position to “arrogate for themselves the right to determine the future of the Palestine”

Mandela also stressed that the deal only sought to justify Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and thus is “… purely designed to legitimatize the seven decades of illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.”

“It is further designed to justify the continual illegal occupation and expansion of Aparthied Israel settlements,” he added.

While condemning Trump’s “hoax of the century”, Mandela affirmed the support of the South African government and his party, African National Congress for the Palestinian leader, President Mohamoud Abbas, who had ealier rejected the deal before it was even released and consequently called for all countries of the world to reject the peace deal.

“We support President Mohamoud Abba’s call for all countries of the world to reject and boycot this hoax of the century,” Mandela said.

He also made it clear that any political resolution aimed at proffering long lasting solution to the Palestininan struggle must demand “full participation of the Palestinian people”

“There is no solution for the Palestinian struggle except through the full participation and determination of the Palestinian people,” he added.

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