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Hargeisa, Somaliland, February 28, 2018 –  Maroodijeeh Regional Court yesterday sentenced kidnappers of a child in Hargeisa who pleaded guilty into two years and six month imprisonment. Few days before this incident, the court served a thief who stole a tortoise over three years imprisonment with fine.

The judge of the court read the decisions of the jury, with a few change to the previous judgment. The court judged each of them into two years and sixth months of prison when it was found to have stolen a child.

Judge said, “Hargeisa, regional court has modified the early judgment. The court recognized that the two persons named Abdirahman Abdullahi Hassan who is 28 years old and Khadra Abdullahu Mohamed who is 25 years old had stolen the child, and it is judged one of them in two years and sixth months of prison starting from the first time they were arrested.”

However, the family of the child are not content with the period of the judgment as the mother of the child told the BBC. She said, “I am requesting from the court and the government to reconsider this case because those who had stolen my child wanted to sell the organs of my child.”

Also, it was reported that some days before this incident the same court served a culprit who stole a tortoise with three years in prison and huge fine.

The question is: Is tortoise more important than human in Somaliland?











Reporter: Suhaib Ismail Mohamed


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