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Hargeisa, Somaliland, February 22, 2018 – President of Somaliland Muse Biihi yesterday had a meeting in the palace of presidency with a huge delegation from Germany led by German Ambassador to  the countries of Somaliland and Somalia, Ambassador Markus Bollmohr.

This meeting focused majorly on issues related to national development, strengthening bilateral relationship between the two countries and mediating between Somaliland and Somalia.

The spokesman of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Mohamoud Warsame Jamac, disclosed that the meeting between President Bihi and Ambassador Markus Bollmohr was very fruitful.

According to Mr. Mohamoud, President Bihi thanked the German government for showing interested in issues like drought that constantly affect the growth and development of the country.

He said to the media, ‘Mr. President made it known to the delegate that the biggest issue affecting the country is drought, which exists in many regions of the country. He then asked for the support of the German government in the provision of water most especially for residents of the the country’s capital city.’

‘President Muse Biihi presented to the delegation the program of development of his government, and he appealed to them to help the government of Somaliland in providing aids and paramedics of the droughts and  experts that could in accelerating the Geed-Deeble water expansion project.’

According to the reports gathered, the President further asked the delegation to assist in the improvement of the education sector of the country – most especially by establishing technical training schools and improving the one in Buro.”

More importantly, the spokesman of the President also disclosed that ‘President Muse Biihi requested that the delegation should take part the negotiation that Somaliland is entering with Somalia.’

He concluded that the government is now seriously committed having smooth and proper preparation for transparent 2019 parliamentary and council elections.

On their side, the delegation congratulated and applauded the President for his visionary plans for the country, and promised to contribute their humanitarian and diplomatic quotas to all the raised issues.

Mr. Markus expressed his interest in aiding Somaliland government to execute its national development plans most especially projects related to provision of basic amenities for thepopulace.

‘I am impressed with the development plans most especially on health, education, water, livestock and the roads. I am particularly interested in the road that connects business city of Wajale to the capital city of Hargeisa. This is important for smooth business transaction between Somaliland and Ethiopia,’ said Ambassador Marcus.

To show his further commitment, Marcus concluded with a promise to expand the GIZ office that Germany has in Somaliland.




Reporter: Suhaib Ismail


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