Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

by Kiran:

Since the last decade internet users have been growing day by day. As the number of users grows so do the websites providing services/solutions to human needs. From a simple “how-to” queries to buying product/service online users are flooded with a whole lot of different websites. With such large number of competitors, it becomes necessary to rank your website above your competitors. As we all know Google is the biggest search engine in the world. According to Net Market Share Google’s shares is 74.52% among other search engines. The motto that Google runs on is to present its users with the most relevant content for the type of query that is being triggered.

For every website/business owner, it is utmost important to bring and preserve customers. Undoubtedly, to reap the benefits, business owners want to rank their website in the top position of SERP. Having said that, Google is also upgrading their search engine algorithm for the benefits of internet users. This time they are coming with a major security update wherein they will mark websites with a Not Secure indicator in case they do not have basic website security, i.e. SSL certificate.

According to Google’s Security blog, Google has announced a deadline of July 2018 as the date for when Chrome will display a warning message of Not Secure to users visiting the website. This means if your website is not having SSL Certificate, a message of Not Secured in red color will be displayed when the users visit your website. This is not going to restrict to Google, soon the whole browser community is in favor to make the internet a safe place. Recently Mozilla also stated in a forum about the same type of security indicators in their browser. Which indicates that all different browser may soon join this league. Below is the pointer for you to protect your website from these kinds of policies.

How will this affect my Traffic and Rankings?

We generally like to deal with websites which are real and genuine. In-spite of your business being real Google may flag your website as Not Secure. Visitors to the website would not like to deal with something that does not seem real. You may experience a drop in your website visitors and eventually, your traffic would start getting a drop. This can directly impact your business and bottom-line too. Any business owner would not like to witness a drop in the website visitor rate.

What is SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate or Secure Socket Layer is a transfer protocol which secures the path between the server and the browser. In simple words, it creates a secure tunnel between the browser and the server from which all the confidential information of the visitors is transferred safely. It protects your data from any unforeseen event. The next question which website owners have is “Is it necessary to have an SSL even if it is a Blog?” the answer is YES! To know more in detail you can have a quick read from here. However, can you afford to ignore the policies of world’s top search engine? Think again…

How to Get my Website Secured?

It is a Simple and effortless process. Your website development team would certainly help you on this. In case if you would like to find it yourself then here a simple tool that helps you choose right ssl certificate for your website. Get it installed on your website which will convert your website to “https”.


In case you are leveraging the power of the internet for your website then you should not ignore the policies of Google. Obey it as much as you can build your online presence.


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