Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The world has gone positive again with our fearless leader’s visit to Davos last week. His message was all positive, asking the world to invest in America, move their businesses here and only pay 15% taxes. The estimate now for money coming back to America is a robust 6.5 trillion dollars. At 15% the money going into the treasury would amount to 975 billion buckaroos just from the move.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

This would not of course include the jobs it would create and the taxes the new hires would pay. With the unemployment rate of 4.1% at a sixteen year low the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that blacks in the workforce is at 6.8% the lowest ever in forty five years it has reported these stats. We need to have more in the work force to keep my social security checks rolling in believe me.

Earlier this month tucked inside the new immigration bill there is a part called “Securing America’s Future Act of 2018.” This will amount to a new National ID card that everyone will need to work and vote that will rid us of illegal immigrants voting and companies hiring cheap labor.

Just this January World Net Daily reported and I quote:

“Abortion: President Trump on Jan. 19 became the first sitting president to address the March for Life, speaking in person to hundreds of marchers at the White House and via live telecast to the tens of thousands of marchers on the National Mall.

Tax reform: Trump praised Apple’s announcement that it will repatriate overseas cash holdings and pour $350 billion into the U.S. economy over the next five years, saying his policies allowed the tech giant to bring massive amounts of money back to the United States, which is a huge win for American workers and the USA!

Jobs: Americans’ optimism about finding a quality job averaged 56 percent in 2017, the highest annual average in 17 years of Gallup polling and a sharp increase from 42 percent in 2016.

Small businesses: Small-business confidence hit a record high in 2017, according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Its Small Business Optimism Index was an average of 104.8 in 2017, the highest in the history of the survey. Juanita Duggan, the president and CEO of the NFIB, cited the optimism on policy changes from Washington under President Trump as the reason for the increase in confidence.

Stocks: The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded above 25,000 points for the first time Jan. 4, just five weeks after closing above 24,000 points for the first time.”

Small Business

The jobs created by small business is going to rock the economy because lower taxes means business expansion, new employees, more entrepreneurs with money to invest in small businesses and above all new wealth for the masses with money in everyone’s pocket as spendable income will increase massively.

Word from DC is the Donald wants to increase the federal minimum wage from the current $7.25 an hour to $15.00, but DACA and immigration reform will come first.


The Social Security Administration will give the 61 million retirees a 2% cost of living adjustment as even more is promised for next year. The average retiree will be getting an extra $27 per paycheck from the fed that will mean even more money for everyone to spend.

There has been EPA reform with 700 people leaving the Environmental Protection Agency. Trump wants to shrink it to Reagan-administration levels.

UN Budget Cut

Trump cut the United Nations budget by $285 million meaning they will have to go on an austere budget. This came after the UN mocked Trump’s move of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The biggest Tax reform in US history with $3.2 trillion in tax cuts and overall simplification of the tax code so that you can put it on a post card happened in December 2017.

The Donald’s leadership of U.S. Armed Forces forced ISIS to collapse in Syria and in Iraq.

There were 67 deregulatory reforms that ridded small business of intrusive regulations.


Well we could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Trump has taken up the banner of prolife so eventually murdering babies in Planned Parenthood will be over and the agency abolished. The year old new administration is certainly a breath of fresh air. The President has a lot more on his plate for the next three years like ridding us of the swamp things, correcting the Veteran’s Administration mismanagement, building up our military, cleaning up HUD where Dr. Carson said there was 500 hundred billion missing! He has a lot to accomplish, we just need to get out of his way and turn him loose!


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