Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

By Norma Holt

As an Australian looking on to the racial unrest that has plagued the United States for centuries the white supremacy movement is just another abomination. Whether it’s the culture or other things those who are upset with non-whites should look at their own backgrounds. Like in this country no whites owned America before Europeans arrived and many native Indians were slaughtered so they could in effect ‘steal’ their country.

In reality no one owns anything in the eyes of God. We are all temporary citizens who have been placed in certain places where we live. No matter the colour of our skin we are exactly the same inside. What makes us appear different is the horror that whites have inflicted against the different native cultures in their ongoing war against them.

While my colour is white (from an English/Scottish background) it allows me to speak with disgust against the hatred that many have for coloured folk. What is it about them that makes those who pretend to be civilised act in such a horrendous way?

Indigenous Australians are also survivors of persecution and murder. They have been pushed aside in the rush for European settlers to settle the country. After the initial onslaught many have taken a fresh look at what represent and that was seen as a threat.

To begin with their arrival on this land was some 65,000 years ago, according to the latest finds. They cherished and nurtured it and made a living from what white people considered a hostile landscape. They developed a culture that is now featured on the world stage and many are paying thousands for the art-work and other products.

Like the American natives and African-Americans, they were used as slaves, paid little or nothing for their efforts, and mostly despised when they tried to rise up above their lowly status. Isn’t this what the race riots in the USA are about today? Don’t they represent competition which the jealous ‘better class’ can’t stand?

The white psyche appears to retaliate against anything and anyone who stands in their way of power. Perhaps this is why there is such a back-lash against Barack Obama, who in the opinion of many Australians, was one of the finest presidents of recent times. The slander and videos against him is typical of those who consider themselves ‘better’.

The people making trouble in the city of Charlottesville and elsewhere need a wake-up call. Put away your hate and look on those who have helped to build your country with love and respect. That way a civil war might be avoided.

Norma Holt knows that the basic premise of the world order is upholding religious ideology and myths. Her extensive research went to the heart of the heaven and hell scenario to demonstrate how far man has gone to create his own paradise on earth while living through hell to do it.




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