Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

By: Uche Mbah

In recent times, sex and sexuality, hitherto discussed in hush-hush tones, has become an open issue for public discourse. What has been seen as aberrations and sinful-depending on your faith and conviction-has now been accepted as commonplace. Nudist colonies have become common and deliberate efforts are being made to demystify the sacredness of mating, with prudery and sense of shame becoming old fashioned. Sex, which before was hardly mentioned in cases of rape due to fear of stigmatization has become instruments of blackmail for public officers. And the increase in geometric proportions of drug consumption has made it a n El-dorado for the youths who try to rebel against a world that suddenly appears not to hold a future for them. The marriage institution is collapsing before our eyes as materialism takes center stage and intuitive feelings of love relegated to the background. In between, libido is fast becoming a scarce commodity, and sex enhancement drugs have become in high demand, with manufacturers smiling all the way to the bank. Even with that, Gay right activists all moved out of the closet to asset themselves, with the support of powerful members in positions of authority, made the demand of the minority the general demand.

The fear of marriage, infidelity, Alimony and other marriage related problems has finally resulted in the production of machines that are manufactured to fill in the deficiencies in human action. Dildos, masturbation and other local substitutes take over in the sexual satisfaction of women. Strip clubs and orgies are multiplying everyday.

The latest of these madness id the introduction of sex dolls which sole activity is to sexually satisfy men in addition to the activities of the men. It promises to solve the problem of infidelity and limit the possibility of blackmail using rape for many prominent politicians and office holders. The case of Bill Clinton and even Donald Trump is still fresh in our memory.

In all these, what happens to the Marriage institution?Can the rebellion of the younger generation against marriage, which forced them into something worse-companion marriage that results in so many aberrations, including single and gay parenthood, be the best solution? Can it reduce crimes of passion, murders due to jealousy and anger, be eliminated?

The answer to the question lies in understanding the Natural laws involved. People argue that man is polygamous by nature, but that is only so because human body evolved from animals. Polygamy is actually a quality of animals, and with further maturity of the human soul in constant incarnations and reincarnations, they are expected to have outgrown the issue to the monogamy principle. Unfortunately, due to the fall of man, we not only degenerated back to the level of animals but went far below them. Our concept of love became warped, It became confused with lust and its attendant ills of jealousy.

In the new time, all the Sodom and Gomorrah will be eliminated so that the promised paradise on earth will be realized.




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