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As the Zimbabwe polls draw closer, Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s former President met with his former Vice President, Joyce Mujuru and promised support – sources verify.

Joice Mujuru met with the former President at his “Blue Roof” mansion on Tuesday following an invitation from Mugabe himself. According to the inside sources, Mr. Mugabe’s call for the meeting was mainly to apologize to his former Vice President, and said that he was misled into firing her in 2014, from both the government and ZANU-PF ruling party.

‘They met and it was at Mugabe’s invitation. One of the reasons was to say sorry for everything that happened to Mujuru,’ Gift Nyandoro, Mujuru’s spokesperson reported.

Nyandoro said that at the meeting, Mr. Mugabe pleaded for forgiveness and washed his hands by blaming Emmerson Mnagngagwa and Constantino Chiwenga for having misled him and made him believe Mujuru wanted to overthrow him, hence firing her.

‘I was misinformed and I decided to call you so that I can say I’m sorry, my daughter, we were misled. I have come to know that all the people who were fighting you, are Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. It was a grand plan to get to me and not yourself.’

Nyandoro added that Mujuru then reiterated to Mugabe that and said, “Baba, meaning father, I told you that I had nothing against you. All these people were fighting me simply because they wanted to expose you and get rid of you.”

Her spokesperson still added that Ms. Mujuru informed Mugabe that despite what she went through, she had no hatred left for the 94 year old former President, adding that she had long forgiven him as revenge is only for God.

Political analysts in Zimbabwe have termed meeting as a signal that Robert Mugabe is siding with Joice Mujuru’s party as he clearly promised to back her up in her presidential bid this year.

Ms. Mujuru, while speaking with the Voice of America, VOA, after the meeting, said that she also got a chance to meet Grace Mugabe, the former First Lady who while their meeting agreed to the fact that she spearheaded Mujuru’s end in the Zimbabwe Government in 2014, but added that she was too misled by just some petty gossip.

‘I also spoke to Grace who said she was also misinformed by people that wanted to get close to Mr. Mugabe and end him,’ Mujuru said.

She added that the former First Lady said she regrets having been ill advised.

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe and the 93-year-old leader launched a vicious campaign against Mujuru in 2014. The duo accused her of trying to kill Mugabe using assassins and supernatural powers and also accused her of massive corruption.















Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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