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After Githu Muigai, Kenya’s Attorney General filed a High Court petition seeking to block the planned Raila Odinga swearing in as the People’s President, Uhuru Park is reported to have been closed by the officials until further notice.

Uhuru Park, in Nairobi, is the place that Raila Odinga, the NASA opposition leader had earlier chosen and booked to hold his swearing in ceremony from, on 30 January, this year – reports indicate.

Muigai, the Attorney General on Monday, asked the court in his petition, to rule as illegal motions that were passed by 15 county assemblies backing the creation of constituent assemblies, which plan to declare Odinga as the nation’s leader on Jan. 30.

‘The case has been certified as urgent and will be heard on the same date,’ Charles Mutinda, deputy chief state counsel at the State Law office, informed by phone on Wednesday.

Additionally, Raila Odinga’s desired swearing in place got closed just days to the D-Day.

Mike Sonko, the County head, and Leboo Ole Morintat, the acting County Secretary, informed that Uhuru Park is scheduled to undergo phased improvement and therefore it is out of use – they were reported as saying on Tuesday.

They also issued a notice saying no gatherings will take place at the location until further notice.

‘Uhuru Park Grounds is scheduled to undergo phased improvement works in order to enhance recreation usefulness to its visitors,’ states the notice by acting County Secretary Leboo Ole Morintat.

‘We apologize for any inconveniences caused.’

‘Consequently the facility has been closed down to the public for any gatherings and meetings with effect from January 23 until further notice,’ reads the notice further.

Despite Raila Odinga being talked to by several delegates, and promised to be charged with treason by the Government once he swears in, the opposition leader still stands firm by his decision.

The National Super Alliance, NASA, is planning a ceremony for the two principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka to become leaders of the People’s Republic of Kenya, acting as President and Vice President respectively.

The two leaders of NASA, the opposition party vowed never to look up to Uhuru Kenyatta as the President elect – they said.

Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya’s President elect and William Ruto, the Deputy President took oaths of office for their second terms in office at Kasarani stadium on November 28, 2017.















Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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