Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Kizza Besigye, Uganda’s main opposition chief by the Forum for Democratic Change party (FDC), informed that since the ruling party MPs had betrayed the Ugandans and voted for the lifting of the age limit bill which was later signed by President Museveni into law, the opposition also has to come up with strategies that will help deliver their goals to the public, thus ending Museveni’s rule.

Uganda currently has no limits barring anyone from contesting for the presidency of the country, the fact that also sees Museveni back in 2021, running for presidency, which wouldn’t have been so, if the constitution was not amended.

Dr. Besigye had earlier called on all Ugandans to boycott the country’s next general elections, saying that the winner is always predetermined anyways.

In addition, now he also called on Ugandans to boycott companies owned by members of the ruling party and the products they produce, in a new defiance campaign named “Tubalemese” (let’s fail them).

The Tubalemese defiance campaign comes after the Togikwatako (don’t dare touch it) that the opposition used to fight the lifting of the age limit bill, though it later failed.

‘We shall bring down this junta without throwing a stone,’ Dr. Besigye told journalists at his offices in Kampala.

Dr. Besigye said he would swear-in members of his ‘People’s government’ who will serve the interests of citizens.

The opposition also said it will form regional assemblies particularly in all the districts where the 317 MPs who voted in favor of the constitution amendment hail from.

‘Real aspirations of Ugandans shall be discussed in these assemblies and the regime will go down,’ Dr Besigye added.

















Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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