Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Riyadh: After the release of controversial tape recording in which Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Saud, who was appointed as the President of Saudi Marine Sports Federation in October, on January 10 2017 was immediately fired from his position on the order of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

According to the sources, in the tape Prince Abdullah bin Saud stressed on his own personal initiative and was arrested by the elite force, Blood-rusted Sword, which linked directly to Crown Prince.

It had been mentioned that a Saudi prince was removed from his post after he released of an audio recording that contradicted the Saudi authorities’ version of the arrest of 11 princes in Riyadh last week.

People were protesting against the state authorities in front of a royal palace.

However, Saudi activists opened a campaign against them on social media. They wrote, “The rally was an objection to a campaign of arrests targeting royals and in the absence of Former Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayaf.

Abdullah bin Saud said, “Because I am close to the events, I want to clarify an important point. The young men are the finest youth of our country and there is no way that there is no way that they can object to the orders of the rulers.”

He added that Prince Muhammad bin Salman slapped me with false and illogical accusations of caring too much about money and the pleasures of the world.

“They had arrived at the palace to accompany their relative who was called to be asked about his previous job. Upon arrival, he was let in but they were prevented from entering with him, and a brief physical fight with the guards occurred.”

However, Prince Saud called it the fight for throne resulted in the insurance of orders to arrest the princes.

Furthermore, that so-called fight against corruption opened a new chapter after the arrest of Prince Saud. The world watched the “Game of Thrones” in real with real characters on daily basis.















Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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