Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Islamabad: After the allegedly imposed allegations on Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the state authorities decided not to help America in further American’s so-called war on terrorism. They counter attacked America by blaming them that they introduced terrorism in Pakistan and created the atmosphere of fear and terror in the state.

Some of the officials in America claimed that President Trump could not afford to walk away from Pakistan, which had been provided vital intelligence and the fast-growing nuclear arsenal. Whether Pakistan would cooperate after the aid freeze remains to be seen.

Proclaimed by the reports it had been mentioned that initially some Pakistanis harshly reacted to the announcement which came as a surprise, but on Friday Foreign Ministry of America made a statement through which they talked about the need for mutual respect and patience as the two countries address common threat.

New York Times claimed, “Trump needs to control himself, there will be peaceful talk. He must accept his defeat.

“Almost every military flight into Afghanistan goes through Pakistan airspace. Most supplies travel along Pakistani roads and rails.

“Indeed China could once again be with Pakistan.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif said, “America did a big mistake by involving Pakistan in Afghan so-called war on terrorism,” while giving interview he said, “They introduced terrorism in Pakistan as the response of their war with Afghans.

“If they freeze our aid, we won’t be able to help them anymore. America never appreciated our services.”

However, Pakistan could shut down American access any moment, and some Pakistani officials are threatening to do just that. Pakistan could also ally more closely to China, which is already investing in major new infrastructure projects and expanding its international leadership at American expense, and be more hard-line in its rivalry with India.

Furthermore, analysts claimed that America lost his worth in Asia, not a single state in Asia wanted them to stay and interfere their affairs and by losing a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, he wanted to blame someone so that they chose Pakistan (because of his fast growing economy due to CPEC).














Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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