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CAPE TOWN, South Africa, January 12, 2018/ — The Minister of Police, Minister Fikile Mbalula condemns the people who decided to take the law into their own hands and the threat that they will continue. This follows public violence incidents that took place in the afternoon (January 11, 2018) in Rusternburg.

“No matter how justified people might think they are, taking the law into their own hands does not make them different to the people they accuse of being criminals. People must know we are a democratic state, with competent institutions that could resolve all concerns.” Minister Mbalula said.

The Minister of Police urge the police to root out acts of criminality in our communities, in particular brothels where the future of young women get destroyed. The Minister continue to inform the police to assert their authority over criminals. In October, Minister Mbalula visited Vanderbiljpark to respond to some drug activities that were happening in some of the properties. Two days ago the Minister shut down three brothel houses in East London, Eastern Cape and saved many lives of young women.

“We cannot coexist with criminals, Police must smoke criminals out of our communities but our people must work close with the Police, if the local Police fail them, they must escalate the matter. There are many people of goodwill, we need to pull in one direction and comprehensively respond against act of crime.” Minister added.

Minister Fikile Mbalula has instructed Police to bring order in Rusternburg and work with the people to fight crime. Mbalula believes working together we can defeat crime.


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