Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Many Nigerians are worried about their family members in Libya. The tense atmosphere has instigated the federal government to work extra mile in the evacuation of Nigerians in Libya. This act has recently received huge commendations from far and wide.

In addition, more Nigerian families can now heave a sigh of relief as the federal government has commenced the evacuation of thousands of Nigerians from Libya which will continue until all those wanting to return home have done so. However, the government has shown great love for its people which is highly commendable.

In response to this, Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Onyema, explained to reporters during a visit to Tripoli that the Nigerian government wants to get its citizens home as quickly as possible. He further stated that it is now the government’s priority to bring back the Nigerians in Libya.

President Mohammed Buhari stated last year that the country is dedicated to saving the lives of the Nigerian citizens in Libya:
“The situation in Libya, of people being sold into slavery, is appalling and unacceptable. We will do everything to protect our citizens wherever they might be.” To this effect, is the newly evacuation team ready to bring more Nigerians back home.

Furthermore, one of the Nigerian citizens who returned from the Libyan narrated his ordeals. He explained how terribly they were treated:
“We didn’t take our bath for two months, and did not brush our teeth. Some of us fixed pipes to our private parts to be able to urinate. Some of us have bullet wounds. The Libyans treated us like slaves; in fact more than slaves. I don’t know how to classify the treatment. I’m a married man of 35, and graduated from the Delta State Polytechnic, Oghara-Otefe, in Business Administration Department. Most of us are wearing dreadlocks like mad men, but we are not mad. It was the United Nations, UN, that compelled them to release the migrants in secret cells.”

Furthermore, records confirmed that Nigerians have recently been the largest national group among African migrants travelling to Libya and trying to cross from there to Italy by sea. Since local armed factions and Libya’s coastguard began blocking more migrants from leaving in July last year, large numbers have been trapped in Libya, where they often face dire conditions and abuse, including forced labour.

The Federal government of Nigeria urges all citizens to desist from traveling to Italy or any other country by sea. It stated that there are many risks attached to such travelling. However, if anyone needs to travel outside the country, it should be done the proper way to avoid such calamity like the Libya.


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