Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Dear fellow New Yorkers:


As the season for our political leaders’ ‘State of the …) begins, I am looking for a few community leaders who would join me in giving our constituents’ ‘State of the City, County and Districts Affairs Address’.  I am looking for brave and competent community organizers from each Council District in the city to give his/her address. I am looking for us to do this in February during black history month.

From now onward, for the sake of our children, we can’t afford ‘special interests’ families who would never, ever live in our neighborhoods to write speeches for our elected officials only to have us clap for each of their Madison Avenue structured sentence.  We can no longer afford to accept failure or worse yet to celebrate the hyperboles of those who have failed us. New York City has 100 billionaires. How many of them are your next door neighbors? Thank you!

If you are interested to give your district’s ‘state of affairs address’ or have a suitable venue for to use, please contact me at 718-822-5555. #constituentsdistrictaddress #nyclove #bxlove #changehereforward


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