Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

While our families in Puerto Rico suffer the worst treatment of human rights violations in governmental representation in modern day. It’s time to reflect a true supportive conclusion for evacuees here in the United States.

We all know that President Trump’s tax bill does not support the reconstruction of Puerto Rico. But State legislators this year of 2018 could really support an independent state legislation that can produce the needed economic relief for Puerto Rico.

  1. Each state Governor in the United States that is supporting Puerto Rico can sue the federal government for a provisional humanitarian aid of lifting shipping restrictions do to the Jones Act.
  2. State legislators in the United States can create a legislation that can offer direct tax cuts to companies that hire Puerto Rican’s in the United States on completion of 3-5 employment contracts
  3. States can create partnerships with Puerto Rico educational systems in rebuilding schools, health institutions and salary protection for educators and support for public safety.
  4. States can support engineering and architectural expertise on rebuilding roads, bridges etc.

These are just four that can be helpful but let’s see how committed they really are. If legislators can support developers here in the United States for 100’s of millions of dollars what makes you think that by if three states New York, New Jersey, and Florida committed to a 3-5 year plan more would done than what Congress and what this executive office has neglected. Just a thought now you decide?


Aldo Rafael Perez



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