Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

New York City, New York-  We must all know that West’s military operations aren’t suitable long term solutions to eradicating religious extremism and terrorism. The more brutal their military actions are, the less likely they would create long term peaceful coexistence in places of operation. To the contrary, violence only produces more decentralized violence and sectarianism. Furthermore, the Muslim World that is slowly healing from the calamities of colonialism and the ravages of ‘cold War’ collateral damages, certainly do not trust any military operation from the West on their soil as altruistic.

Also, the majority of Muslims whose socioeconomic conditions continue to deteriorate, do not trust their mostly undemocratic and corrupt governments, and believe any military operation as tools of evil elites protecting their ungodly interests not fighting for genuine causes of national interest and public safety. Addressing issues of poverty and injustice is the starting point for any terrorism preventive program.

As a result, the most effective and least costly way of countering extreme religious views and hatred in order to prevent its associated violence and radicalization is for religious scholars and leaders to work harmoniously with their respective governments and private section, and to formalized their educational systems with STEMDUP curricula and mandate every boy and girl to attend these fully funded STEMDUP schools in all Muslim Nations.

Against this backdrop, Muslim Community Report is seeking your financial assistance to help assemble a team of educators consisting of religious and secular scholars in developing this innovative ‘STEMDUP’ curriculum.  STEMDUP stands for, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Democracy, Unity, and Peace.

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