Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Dear friends:

2017, just like life itself, is leaving us for sure. It is leaving us with a closed book containing written and blank pages of proud actions and regrettable inactions. We can’t delay its departure nor can we repopulate its blank pages. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, and must’ve are as useless as the procrastinated days of 2017. We can’t edit out our remorseful acts and statements from this year book. The health, intellect, resource, opportunity and time we didn’t utilized productively/honorably are wasted and irreplaceable. The year is gone however the seeds we’ve planted (good or evil) transcend the year and none but the planters would be the primary beneficiaries of the fruits of what was planted.

To some, the year leaves with their old selves and the New Year begins with clean slate. Unfortunately to the majority of people, there is no intersectionality between departing year and the new one except to celebrate and resume their habits. To them, the only change is 7 becomes 8. And some of them would be too drunk to even know the day much less the year.

The cycle continue on, the gaps will keep widening, greed continue to claim lives globally, and power, prestige, privilege and wealth shall continue to concentrate in fewer families. Among these families are those who embraced the attitudes of ‘ends justified means’ and continue to lead and decide for the masses in all societal sectors; morally, immorally, ethically or unethically. From Muslim Community Report team, we you all a happy New Year! #mcr2018 #happynewyear #peacedecember

Would your 2018 be a destiny setter or just another number replacement?


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