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You Should know that there was a fire where twelve people lost their lives because according to   The City of New York Fire Department a door that was supposed to be closed was left open allowing the fire to spread quickly.

You should also know that The New York City Fire Department reported that this tragedy that occurred Thursday night is the worst since the Happy Land fire over twenty-five (25) years ago.

The New York City Fire Department also reported that this tragedy was preventable with the help of an inexpensive hardware item.  This item is an automatic interior door closer, which was missing, from the apartment doors within this building at a cost of $118.00.

Understandably, as the fire spread tenants opened their doors and windows, causing a rush of oxygen making the fire spread in moments.

Right now, no one knows for certain how many such apartments exist within the City of New York with the same problem.  Yes, it is a time to grieve and honor the heroes such as the Army soldier Emmanuel Mensah. However, wouldn’t we honor his heroic memory better, if we could prevent such future occurrences?

First, we need to know the extent of the problem, hence I hope the Mayor IMMEDIATELY sets up a toll-free number within the NY City Building Department (DOB).

This was done back in 1993, by then-Commissioner Mr. Christopher Lynn.  According to Mr. Lynn, this was easy and quick to do and that was 20 years ago.

The toll-free number could be advertised with PSA, public service advertisements, so people could call in if their apartment door doesn’t automatically close.

Once we learn how many units exists, then we partner with the Rent Stabilization Association and the Real Estate Board, to contact each and every building owner, directly (these groups can do it quickly) and inform them that they must install these devices and the City will then provide a one time tax credit against their outstanding real estate sewer or water bills, for the amount spent.

The idea is to involve as many participants as possible, fix the problem, avoid creating bureaucracy and additional expenses, and not just pass a law.  If there are some owners who fail to comply then the Buildings Department could be authorized to issue a “when and where” contract, hire companies and do it for the owners at a 50% markup, there will be no tax credit.

We urge the Mayor’s Office of Community Assistance to continue their great efforts in finding permanent housing and burial assistance for the victim’s family.  Let’s make their job easier by ending all such future horrors.

We need to FIX this problem….

This is Senator Rubٞén Díaz and this is what you should know.

We need to FIX this problem….


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