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Srinagar: Indian police killed the Muslim leader Noor Mohammad Tantray (who was a commander in the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) group) in shoot out at the funeral on December 27th, 2017 and accused him by calling “Merchant of Death”.

Reports had shown the police engaged in a fierce gun shoot battle in Tantray, outside Srinagar.

His shahdat news spread like a fire in jungle, people started coming out of the houses on the streets shouting anti-India slogans and clashing with police.

Witnesses said, “Police tip-off led them to the house in Pulwama district where Tantray was hiding and two other suspected people were hiding.”

Police said, “No-one will suspect him to be a terrorist and that is why JeM recruit him as an over-ground worker,” the officer said, “But his short stature and a limp also made it easy to identify him.”

Noor Tantray was forty-seven-year-old militant in Jaish-e-Mohammad, labelled as a “merchant of death” at his trial who was originally recruited because his short stature was thought to make him look less like a militant.

He was close aide of Ghazi Baba, the JeM commander who masterminded the 2001 suicide attack on the Indian parliament, according Indian official news.

“It was a clean operation based on specific intelligence inputs,” Jammu and Kashmir’s Police Director General said, “However, by the time security forces laid cordon, two terrorists managed to escape. Search operations in area are on to identify and arrest them.”

However, local media considered him as a “headache” for police and was considered as mastermind attacker on a Border Security Force camp near Srinagar airport in October.















Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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