Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

One of the successful agencies that was put together by the Latino Muslim and non-Muslim community in America was the Three Imam Program, with brother like Wesley Abu Sumayyah, Yusef Rios, Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez, made all of the Muslim family proud of all the work that they got done on the ground and online with the many donations that are still needed to help and assist the community in Puerto Rico, helping all those in need regardless of religion. They were able to work with the various relief agencies that were serving the Puerto Rican people.

Another brother that stood out because of the hard work that was Wilfredo Amr Ruiz along with CAIR and ICNA were able to bring us up to date reports on what was and is happening on the Island where millions of Americans citizens and veterans were left to survive the best way they could, the Presidents help was those paper towels that he threw when he came to Puerto Rico, the American community came out in full force to help our fellow citizens from Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Texas, Mexico alhamduillah it was something to feel proud about during hard times.

The sisters from IslaminSpanish from Houston and Dallas came out in full force along with the sisters from Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Florida, California, to bring an awareness of working together for a good cause in helping mankind, and this gives the Latino Muslim community a worldwide view of what the Latino community in America is doing to bringing this beautiful way of life to America and the world, I give a heavy alhamduillah for all of the Muslim communities in America and the world may Allah continue to bless us and protect us our family and those who follow this beautiful way of life.

Imam Yusef Maisonet


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