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Riyadh: Saudi designers have resolved to launch Arab Fashion Council in order to launch a stem for the exodus of design with talent and spur for the growth of creative industries in the Kingdom.

On December 24th, 2017 some sources proclaimed that Saudi designers were typically gone to Dubai to achieve their ambitions and pursue them to introduce new rising stars of Saudi Fashion with new platform with innovation and creativity.

Aspiring designers Alia Kha(which is also planning to open an office in the Kingdom) chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council said, “It’s a very positive and a very bright step and I’m excited to see further developments in the region,”

“There’s a wonderful appetite for style and elegance in the Saudi market and we’d love to be a part of that,” Khan added.

A country director Layla Issa Abuzaid said, “The council will open the doors to the foreign investment flow into the country.”

“Fashion has always been important to Arabs and our designers are definitely benefiting from the beginning of a proper fashion infrastructure,” said Mariam Mossalli (a well-known Saudi fashion editor and founder of luxury consulting firm Niche Arabia), “We are seeing the creative sector in Saudi grow exponentially.”

She added, “With a population that has 70 percent under the age of thirty, we are about to see an influx of new careers, and most importantly new creative industries.”

Al-Bulwani (the host of Dubai Fashion World) said, “The Vision 2030 is based on three main pillars: A vibrant society promoting culture and entertainment, a thriving economy that boosts the small businesses and productive families as well as attracting the right talents and an ambitious nation that engages everyone.”

However, the fashion designers achieved their ambitions in Dubai and new they promoted a field to Europe and the US to achieve their ambitions.














Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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