Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Assalamu Alaikum to my Muslim brothers and sisters:


I ask Allah (SW) to guide my hands in writing this message for His sake as I attempt to help those who may be confused about Muslims celebrating Christmas.

The question is, should Muslims celebrate Christmas? Answer: No. *We do not celebrate Christmas.

*However the following must be considered.

1ST. Muslims in the West are surrounded by their fellow human beings from many religious and cultural backgrounds. We have cordial and intimate relations. We work and live together. We share moments of joy and difficulties. We exchange gifts and well wishes. We respect each other’s religious and traditional practices.

2ND. A large percentage of Muslims are entrepreneurs, big and small. And most holidays in the West are good for business including Christmas. Therefore Muslims exchanging pleasantries with their patrons and neighbors is a common sense business practice and neighborliness, not necessarily religious one. And

3RD.  As a matter of convenience, it is easier for Muslim Scholars speaking from countries with over ninety percent Muslim population to easily generalize their condemnations as opposed to Muslims who live in countries with over ninety percent non-Muslim neighbors. Neighborliness is part of Islam.


I hope this helps clarify the question of Christmas. Thank you! #lovingforliving




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