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Constantino Chiwenga, the former Zimbabwe army chief, and he who led the military coup in Zimbabwe, has been appointed by the President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, as one of his vice presidents.

President Mnangagwa’s announcement was made in a statement on Saturday 23, December 2017, by George Charamba.

Mr. Chiwenga was appointed together with Kembo Mohadi, a long serving state minister.

‘Retired general Constantino Chiwenga was appointed “with immediate effect” as one of Mnangagwa’s deputies in the ZANU-PF party,’ George Charamba, the presidential press secretary said in a statement, ‘along with long-serving state security minister Kembo Mohadi.’

General Constantino Chiwenga retired from the military last week, according to the sources.

The General before retiring played a very important role when he led in the military coup that took over Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, until having Mr. Mugabe, the former President of Zimbabwe, resign in November.

The military intervention and Mugabe’s resignation, helped to see Emmerson Mnangagwa, the had been ousted Vice President to the former President, Mugabe, back to the country and into the seat as the President.

According to the political analysts in Zimbabwe, there was no other better way for Mr. Mnangagwa to thank the retired general, other than appointing him as his Vice President.

‘It was almost a given that he was going to get that position,’ Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni, a professor with the University of South Africa said.

‘He played an instrumental role in the transition from Mugabe to Mnangagwa. There was no other way to pay him back or to thank him except to give him the deputy presidency,’ the professor added.

However, the same professor looked at the other side of the coin and expressed concern of uncertainty of what will happen in Zimbabwe next year, in July, as the country will be holding its general elections.

‘The intervention of the military in the political affairs of the country, I don’t think it’s good for democracy. It’s fearsome in the sense that we don’t know as we move into next election, what will be the role of the military in maintaining what has been constructed so far,’ Ndlovu Gatsheni said.

Two other top military officials were also awarded ministerial posts earlier this month.

Perrance Shiri, the ex-air force chief, was appointed the new lands and agriculture minister and Sibusiso Moyo, the general who announced the military takeover, is the new foreign affairs minister.














Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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