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According to the sources, six Ugandan law makers were suspended from the Parliament on accusations of undermining the Speaker’s authority.

During a debate in the Uganda’s Parliament which commenced on Monday 18, December 2017, sources show that six members of parliament from the opposition parties were ejected from the parliament and suspended for one sitting, after adamantly refusing to be seated as the speaker had ordered them to.

The debate was about the move to change Uganda’s constitution, lifting the age limit, to allow the ageing President Yoweri Museveni to rule beyond the current age limit. As strongly objected by the members of the opposition parties, the debate provoked rowdy scenes in parliament, in which six legislators were ejected from the chamber.

‘After rowdy scenes, six lawmakers were suspended for a single session and ordered out of the chamber for “undermining the authority of the speaker and undermining decorum in the house,’ Chris Obore, the parliament spokesman informed.

‘The MPs had heckled speaker Rebecca Kadaga and ignored her orders to be seated,’ Obore added.

Currently, Uganda’s Constitution bars anyone above the age of 75 from standing for presidency. President Museveni currently being 73, will be under the same group of people that the Constitution bars from running, because he will be above 75, by 2021, when Uganda will hold general elections again.

The lifting of the age limit bill was presented to the parliament by one of Museveni’s diehards, something which the opposition members promise to fight not happening.

Some rights groups, religious leaders, citizens and some National Resistance Movement (NRM), ruling party members, also criticized the proposed bill.

In late September, a bigger incident happened when lawmakers brawled in parliament for two consecutive days as MPs opposed to the bill unsuccessfully tried to filibuster it.

The law makers from the opposition parties were seen throwing chairs, kicking and throwing punches in the parliament, fighting for the Constitution not to changed

At least 25 MPs opposed to the proposed constitutional amendment to prolong Museveni’s tenure, he who has ruled the country for 31 years, were forcibly ejected and suspended on orders of the speaker for involvement in fighting.

The debate is expected to proceed on Tuesday 19, December 2017.













Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu


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