Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Kiev: Ukraine government has forced its citizens to demonstrate and call for corruption free democratic governance and rule of law – the dire straits from European project demand of Maiden’s protesters to prevent Ukraine out of Russian orbit.

According to the recent reports of European project reports presented on December 14, 2017, “There is an increasingly widespread perception among Ukrainians and their government lacks the political will to fight corruption, which has plagued the country ever since it declared independent in 1991.”

It had been reported that the post Maiden trajectory increased, populists of all stripes and the temperaments added Ukraine’s turbulent political waters.

In an argument with the president that hoped lessly mired in their corrupt ways and nothing short of another Maiden revolution could rescue Ukraine.

However, anti-corruption spread around the country created eventually another government, it was mentioned in report, “There are signs that support for populist anti-corruption messages and immediate ouster of the government is broadening.”

Furthermore, the populist excesses and mistakes made by government and his allies couldn’t justify the president’s refusal to decisively free the economy from illegitimate schemes.

















Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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