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Sana: An explosion rocked in southern city of Taiz in Yemen on Sunday December 17, 2017 brought a massive destruction, and nearly one thousand people died and several were injured, according to state official news channel.

The death toll might increase.

It had been reported that it would be difficult to tell the exact number of causalities and injuries but estimated causalities were nearly one thousand people from different walks of life including children, youth, men and women.

The blast was not claimed then by any terrorist group.

It had been told that the bomb was fixed in the motor bike near the market where a large number of people did business and place renowned as a business hub.

Witnesses told that they were busy in their daily routine work when they heard the blast. One of the witnesses told, “I was working in the factory that is 1 kilometer away from the market. I heard a very loud sound of blast.”

“I quickly ran towards the market where my brother supposed to do work but I found destroyed building and blood everywhere,” he added and tears rolled down from his cheeks.

However, Rescue teams, doctors and ambulance reached on the spot, they were busy in carrying dead bodies and injured by bringing them to the hospitals.

According to MCR source, Southern province of Yemen had been battling with Muslim terrorists and they faced and still suffering heavy losses due to counter-terrorism efforts by UAE-trained forces.

Reports proclaimed that those terrorists group took advantage of a three-year civil war in the country to boost its presence in lawless areas.

Since UAE supported forces had been taking hold, the groups run in the state.

















Correspondent: Syeda Faiz Bukhari


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