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Dear Fellow Human Family,




Thank you so much. It is with great honor that we write this mid-month progress report pertaining to Peace December’s work in creating a peaceful coexistence among world’s inhabitants.  We are grateful to our members, partners and sponsors for the collective sacrifices we all make towards a more peaceful and less violent world. In addition to the days and events sponsored and hosted by our local partners and oversea chapters, Peace December International has successfully observed these days in the first half of Peace December 2017 in New York.

  1. International Peace Lighting Day, 11/30
  2. National Public Safety Honor Day, 12/5
  3. Introspection Day/Human Rights Day, 12/10

Now as we embark on breaking additional barriers to peaceful coexistence in the second half of Peace December 2017, we continue to invite your partnership on this mission.  Crime, violence and poverty aren’t inevitable, they are accepted and normalize by some. They are not common in places where they do not tolerate such thing.  And no, violence is not natural part of human interaction, love is.  That is why we must not accept or normalize violence and abuse in our relationships, homes, professions, neighborhood and societies.

To those of you who are familiar with our mission and have not yet hosted an event, please do so in the second half. If only one person attends your event, you probably have prevented a serial killer, rapist, or abuser or have inspired a shy world change-maker. It takes one person to change the world, positively of otherwise.

Home Base:

In New York City, while we still suffer from daily violent criminal activities, we are nonetheless blessed to experience the lowest overall crimes in recent years and hope a continued trending towards zero.

It is however inevitable for a diverse cities like the Big Apple to have competing philosophies in how to maintain public safety and quality of life. And as a result, we humbly remind our political and community leaders, in their pursuit of a just and fairer law enforcement actions (which is must), to not put unnecessary conditions too restrictive to allow them to carry out their duties competently or worst yet embolden criminals causing havoc in poorer neighborhoods of the city.  Let us not be inadvertently hospitable to criminal elements from within lest we drift back to the nineties type violent city.

Finally, it is a prudent public investment to support resident-driven grassroots groups like Community Public safety Partnership and others that have been building communal relations and assisting law enforcement community in maintain law and order while interacting with residents professionally and most dignified manner.

So please join us in completing Peace December 2017 with more love, peace and neighborliness.  Let’s #peaceittogether in #peacedecember for #peacefulcoexistence. Thank you all and happy Peace December!



Peace December International


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