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By Dec 14, 2017
Greetings of peace to all my friends!
My dear friends, I am in a process of writing an article that would be widely circulated in the Muslim World and I need your helpful contributions to it. Would you please help me briefly answer the two questions posed to your group? A or B.
Group A for Muslims:
1. What is the number issue/concern that you want the Muslim World to address/focus on as Muslims today?
2. What is the number one attribute about Islam that you cherish the most as a Muslim?
Group B for Non-Muslims:
1. What is the one thing/issue about Islam/Muslims that you wish for Muslims to fix/correct about Islam/Muslims?
2. What is the one thing about Islam/Muslims you admire/like the most as a non-Muslim?
You can answer them here or if you prefer privacy, please send me your answer to: You do not need to identify yourselves. Thank you so Much in advance! #themuslimworld #sheikhmusadrammeh


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