Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Pierre Nkurunzizza, the President of Burundi has begun his campaign that will see him in to changing the country’s constitution, adding him some good years in power, according to the sources.

The campaign launched by the president, is aimed at promoting a referendum to change the constitution that could see him rule until 2034 – a local newspaper reported.

The plan was adopted by the government in October, to revise the constitution which if passed by the referendum, would allow President Nkurunziza to serve for more two, seven year terms from 2020.

‘It’s the day you’ve been waiting for,’ Nkurunziza told a crowd of thousands of farmers in the central Gitega district on Tuesday.

The President went further to warn and threat those who have thoughts of undermining the referendum due for early 2018.

‘We take this opportunity to warn those who want to sabotage this project, whether by speech or actions,’ Nkurunziza said, ‘It will be a red line.’

The commencement of the campaign comes a day after the government launched a fundraising drive for elections in 2020, presented as ‘voluntary’ but condemned by rights groups as ‘organized robbery’.

It is remembered that Burundi plunged into crisis in 2015 when Nkrunziza ran for a controversial third term that he went on to win.

The same controversy is said to have claimed hundreds of lives.

According to the sources, the step taken by President Nkurunziza might call for uncertainties in the country.














Reporter: Shamilah Nammudu


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